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  2. Jazz fusion (see also fusion) is a sub-genre of jazz which merges jazz and other styles of music. In particular this can include funk (see jazz-funk), rock (see jazz rock), electronic, rnb and ska (see ska-jazz).Less common fusion genres include pop, folk, metal, reggae and hip techno.balladolisgraveldefenderperilore.infoinfo albums, even those that are made by the same group or artist, may include a variety of styles.
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  4. A website dedicated to Jazz Fusion and related genres with a special emphasis on Jazz/Rock fusion. the net effect has been one of emancipation and expansion as is exemplified by the various jazz related styles that developed from it. Included among these are Free Funk, World Music, New Wave, and No Wave. Jazz Fusion.
  5. Family is an English rock band, active from late to October , and again since for a series of live shows. Their style has been characterised as progressive rock, as their sound often explored other genres, incorporating elements of styles such as folk, psychedelia, acid rock, jazz fusion, and rock and techno.balladolisgraveldefenderperilore.infoinfo: Progressive rock, hard rock, psychedelic .
  6. Jazz fusion (also known as fusion) is a music genre that developed in the late s when musicians combined jazz harmony and improvisation with rock music, funk, and rhythm and techno.balladolisgraveldefenderperilore.infoinfoic guitars, amplifiers, and keyboards that were popular in rock and roll started to be used by jazz musicians, particularly those who had grown up listening to rock and techno.balladolisgraveldefenderperilore.infoinfotive forms: Smooth jazz, acid jazz, punk jazz, .

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